Edward Negrea este noul bassist de la Pestilence

Romanul Edward Negrea este noul bassist de la Pestilence, acum in trupa fiind 3 romani langa fondatorul si leaderul Patrick Mameli:

Patrick Mameli – Leadguitar/Vocals
Edward Negrea – Bass
Calin Paraschiv– Lead guitar
Septimiu Harsan – Drums

Comunicatul oficial:

We present to you: Edward Negrea. PESTILENCE’s new bassplayer. Edward will be replacing Tilen Hudyrap. Tilen will, ofcorpse, handle the bass, for the booked shows until december. Make sure you catch those!!! But any additional shows, will be performed by Edward. Starting in 2019, Edward then, will be the permanent bassplayer.

Here a few words from Edward, regarding his musical carreer, so far:

“I’m active in the music industry since 2009. My main instrument when I started, was the piano. During these piano years, I learned both the electric and bass guitar. Playing the piano helped me alot to get a deeper understanding about music and music theory in general.

Since 2014 I’ve been playing with several bands like Marchosias, PaddingMoth and the most important one: Necrovile.

I’ve been playing across Europe as a bass player alongside bands like Nile, Suffocation, Cancer, Napalm Death, Carcass, Kreator, Severe Torture, Wormed, Opeth, Annihilator and the list goes on and on. I am very excited to be given this opportunity to show my bass skills to the metal world, and I hope the fans will accept me as PESTILENCE’s new bassplayer”.

Edward will be showing his 6 string bass talent across the globe in 2019, where PESTILENCE will dominate through touring, festivals and new PESTILENCE muzic. Awesome times ahead metalheadz🤘🤘🤘



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