Axident – Tons of Powder (1996)

Axident (Chisinau, Rep. Moldova) – Tons of Powder (1996)

A1 Welcome To A Trip 1:50
A2 Zoocage Society 4:15
A3 Cosmeticized 4:32
A4 Tyson Loves You 3:47
A5 Ass Protection 4:24
A6 Pshycho Express 6:00
A7 Stone Face 2:48
B1 Everyday Scenario 6:33
B2 Amoeba 4:59
B3 Bordeias 4:27
B4 Off End 2:45
B5 Kotleta 0:19
B6 Ooze Box 4:38
B7 Lifelong Trouble 4:45
B8 Unchain Your Pride 2:42
B9 We Bite 1:07

Vocals – Octav Casian
Guitar – Vlad Iozanov
Drums – Edward Konopliov

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