bensnburner – patternwirtschaft

an audiovisual journey about synesthesia, freedom, responsibility, mistakes and of course – patterns

one take album
one take visual performance
one take mixing & mastering on the fly

“When you’re creating your own shit, man, even the sky ain’t the limit.”

interpreted by the musicians
translated to colours, shapes and moods
re-created by visual artists

based on a synaesthetic experience

watch it here:

keys – phil schlotter
guitar – flo möbes
bass – ben krahl
percussion, mpc & special effects – bene abert
drums – domi chansorn

visuals – marcus wikino
illustrations – marken fischer
synesthesia guidance, microscope-cam & live installations – cosima schmidt
stage, setting & webcam operator – emily laumanns

live recording, mixing, mastering on the fly:
jonathan ziegler & grischa kursawe

video production, camera, interviews – tobi krahl

camera, interviews – david walter
camera & flow management – elisa krahl
camera & flow management – uwe stöhr
camera & flow management – aaron rosenow
flow management – flo trittmacher

cover artwork – ben krahl / photo by tobi krahl



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