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mick destinity 3 Destinity a publicat un mesaj prin care vocalistul Mick anunta despartirea de restul formatiei. Textul integral il gasiti mai jos.

“Hi to all of you, it is with deep regret that I announce my departure from the band DESTINITY, (founded in 1996) I am very proud of the road we travelled.
This is a huge half of my life and is a very painful decision to make, but I am not pleased with certain actions that have occurred and disappointed me. I’ve always been a man of strong principles and I will carry this heritage throughout my life.
I’ll show the respect of not pointing out the reasons behind this event, although I’m sad to see this end because of foolishness, but I will respect the band until the end because I have always invested my soul, my blood, my life and my thoughts into it…
I wish them a long career even though many things now oppose us and I want to thank all the fans and friends of DESTINITY I met on the road across Europe, it will remain the unique experience of my life, thank you to Adipocere Records that gave birth to our beginnings, to Lifeforce Records for letting us grow so far, thank you to
former members of the band who are worth respect and memory… and especially all of you…
THANK YOU for giving me this chance, THANK YOU all from the deepest of my heart …
Perhaps we shall soon meet again !”

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