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Cronos – Demo 1993

Joey Belladonna live at Metal All Stars, Bucharest, Romania, 24.03.2014

Bart – voce
Adrian Ungureanu – chitara, keyboards
Bogdan Visan – bass/drums/vocals
+ Mielu’ – chit solo, tobe

Cronos – Apropierea Sfarsitului (demo 1994)

Adrian Ungureanu – keyboards
Bogdan Visan – bass/vocals
Cristian Eftimie-drums
Felix Fuierea-guitar

Recorded: February 1994

Cronos – Cosmar (demo 1994)

Adrian Ungureanu – Keyboards/Vocals
Bogdan Visan – Bass/Vocals
Bebe Hanneman – Guitar/Vocals
Dan Petrescu – Drums

Lyrics: Adi Ungureanu
Special effects: Dan Petrescu
Cover concept: CRONOS
Produced and recorded: CRONOS

Cronos – Si voi ucide timpul (EP 1998)

Mihai Dragan – voce
Andrei Ganga – chitara
Vlad Busca – bass
Adrian Ungureanu – clape
Dan Petrescu – tobe

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