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Please welcome, for the first time in Eastern Europe, the one and only, The Dillinger Escape Plan !

In one of it’s very few and selected appearances in Europe this year, the band will celebrate 25 years since the release of the groundbreaking album Calculating Infinity, with a set comprised of all songs from the record, along with selected additions from their catalogue.

There’s no need to introduce this monumental piece of history. The Dillinger Escape Plan redefined technicality and concept among the metal scene, pushing the boundaries of extreme music and gathering legions of fans. Their influence among the contemporary metal scene is simply undeniable!

Unfortunately, Whitechapel are forced to cancel this year’s appearance due to unforseen logistical issues. As for My Dying Bride, what you read online is true, they cancelled all shows for 2024 without giving a proper explanation and with a lack of communication for some time now. Of course, we will try to reschedule for 2025. Replacements will be announced, along with the full lineup and daily timetable up and running later this month!

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